Core Drilling

This is most commonly used when precise circular cuts are required, as holes of various sizes can easily be drilled to create openings, for electrical, ventilation and plumbing. We also provide stitch drilling which is one large hole being drilled out with several smaller ones useful for skylights etc….

All of your core drilling will be completed to the highest quality, in the safest manner. All of our staff are fully trained and can ensure that each job is completed on time and on budget.

Commercial projects

  • Drilling holes of various diameter for mechanical, electrical and ducting.
  • Stitch drilling holes together to create larger openings.

Agricultural projects

  • Large holes in grain stores for drying fans.
  • To allow flow between slatted storage tanks.
  • Drainage holes.

Domestic projects

  • Cool air vents.
  • Extraction for kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Flue openings for stoves.

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