Wall Sawing

This technique is used in commercial, private and agricultural areas. It involves the removal of wall sections with neat and precision cuts in an exact location. Wall Sawing is the most efficient and precise method of creating openings, for doors, windows, etc, in concrete walls and other vertical or inclined concrete structures.

All of your concrete wall sawing will be completed to the highest quality, in the safest manner. All of our staff are fully trained and can ensure that each job is completed on time and on budget.

Commercial projects

  • Create door/window opening in existing reinforced concrete walls.
  • Create openings for stairwells or lift shafts in floors.

Agricultural projects

  • In order to extend slatted tanks the end wall can be cleanly cut and removed.
  • Make walk way openings between sheds for easy access for animals.
  • Cutting down walls to feeding barrier height.

Domestic projects

  • Cutting doors or window openings in old stone walls.
  • Cutting door or window openings in concrete block structures.

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